WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 3/6/1994

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Light Jazz Hour
CD Patrick Bernhardt Song Of Universal Light IV Atlantis Angelis Opening theme
CD Keiko Matsui Moonlight Sailor Night Waltz
CD Kiko Connect the Dots Kiko
CD Kenny G Alone Breathless
CD Acoustic Alchemy Until Always The New Edge
CD Blonker Castles in the Air The Tree of Life
CD Patty Larkin Time Was Tango
CD Amarna When Love Comes In Shadowplay
CD Michael Jones Mexican Memories Seascapes
CD John Sergeat Ahmy's Song Ringing Through the Halls of Heaven
CD Danny Wright Places that Belong to You Curtain Call
Featured Artist: Laurie Spiegel
CD Laurie Spiegel Three Sonic Spaces (I & III) Unseen Worlds
CD Laurie Spiegel Finding Voice Unseen Worlds
CD Laurie Spiegel The Hollows Unseen Worlds
CD Laurie Spiegel Strand of Life (Viroid) Unseen Worlds
CD Laurie Spiegel Passage Unseen Worlds
CD Kurt Bestor Road Less Traveled Seasons
CD Bruce Becvar The Nature of Things The Nature of Things
CD Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel Aladdin Legends
CD Nightnoise An Irish Carol The Parting Tide
CD Rusty Crutcher Mama Tierra (First Movement) Machu Picchu Impressions
Scapes Hour
CD Doug Cameron The Journey Mil Amores
CD Steve Kindler & Teja Bell Windsurfer Dolphin Smiles
CD Mark Isham Part Three Tibet
CD Bill Martin Checking out the Garden Voyage of the Precious Child
CD Living Mirrors After the Rain In the Heart of the Stone
CD David Arkenstone Papillon (on the Wings of Butterfly) In Wake of Wind
CD Michael Danna & Tim Clement Sunrise West Another Sun
CD Carol Nethen Dancing on Ground Zero A View from the Bridge
CD Peter Kater Arctic Ballet Moments, Dreams & Visions
CD Michael Deep Paradise Sea of Joy
CD John Doan Anthem Departures