WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 2/27/1994

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Light Jazz Hour
+ LP
Patrick Bernhardt
+ Joakin Bello
Song Of Universal Light IV
+ Sunset
Atlantis Angelis
+ Beyond The Rainbow
CD Nightnoise Water Falls Shadow of Time
CD Wind Machine Mourning Dove Road to Freedom
CD Jan Hammer Pyramid Beyond the Mind's Eye
CD John Tesh Concetta The Games
CD Conni Ellisor Inside Out Night at the Museum
CD Brian Mann L'Accordion Café du Soleil
CD Sandra Tsing Loh The Golden Ring Piano Vision
CD Gary Lamb My Love Runs Like a River Love Themes
CD Sting It's Probably Me Pavarotti & Friends
CD Tangerine Dream Spanish Love Rockoon
CD Yanni Desire Dare to Dream
CD Enya Storms in Africa I Watermark
Featured Artist: Tim Story
CD Tim Story Beguiled Beguiled
CD Tim Story One Shameless Vision Glass Green
CD Tim Story A Promise and a Plea Untitled
CD Tim Story A Conversation in the Rain Glass Green
CD Tim Story These Few Words Beguiled
CD Tim Story Pale Litany Beguiled
CD Tim Story And Evening Falls Beguiled
CD Cusco Canada - Last Paradise 2000
CD Georgia Kelly Pachelbel's Canon Winter Classics
CD Lois Cantor New Beginning Reflections
CD Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes So
Scapes Hour
CD George Winston Living Without You Summer
CD David Lanz & Paul Speer Desert Vision
CD Kenny G Three of a Kind Duotones
CD Robert Rich The Raining Room Rainforest
CD Enya On Your Shore Watermark
CD David Arkenstone Explorers Citizen of Time
CD Giles Reaves Aurora Sea of Glass
CD Nik Tyndall Windchimes Lagoon
CD Nik Tyndall Wide Lake Lagoon
CD Michael Hedges Double Planet Live on the Double Planet
CD Michael Hedges Running Blind Watching My Life Go By
CD Bill Douglas Leap Cantilena
CD Don Harris Motion #4 Elevations