WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 2/20/1994

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Women in New Age Hour
Substituting for Jackie at 8pm
CD Conni Ellisor Night at the Museum
CD Rickie Lee Jones Satellites (edit version) single
CD Liz Story My One and Only Love My Foolish Heart
CD Keiko Matsui Rainy Season Cherry Blossom
CD Robin Frederick Feel Your Way How Far, How Fast?
CD Kim Angelis Spirit of the Dove The Messenger
CD Carol Albert Farewell Love is in Your Eyes
CD Georgia Kelly Sleepers, Awake Winter Classics
CD Radhika Miller Ocean Song The Lark's Bride
CD Kim Robertson Give Me Your Hand Wind Shadows
CD Lois Cantor Her Hymn Reflections
CD Judith Pintar Leaving: The Tasks of Psyche At Last the Wind
CD Kit Walker Fire in the Lake Fire in the Lake
Light Jazz Hour
CD Patrick Bernhardt Song Of Universal Light IV Atlantis Angelis Opening theme
CD Joaquin Lievano Parrot Talk One Mind
CD Peter Kater Anthem Anthem
CD Deuter Starchild Call of the Unknown
CD Jan Hammer Too Far Beyond the Mind's Eye
CD Paul Sullivan Love at First Sight A Visit to the Rockies
CD Hiroshima Save Yourself For Me Another Place
CD Gary Lamb Be Still My Love Love Themes
CD Rob Mounsey & Flying Monkey Orchestra Three Moons Dig
CD Jim Chappell The Big Day In Search of the Magic
CD First Call Here in Your Heart Human Song
Featured Artist: Mars Lasar
CD Mars Lasar Mount Olympus Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Flight of the Phoenix Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Awakenings Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Gypsy Legend Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Hourglass Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Witch Doctor Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Victory Olympus
CD Mars Lasar Champions Olympus
CD Exchange Stonewalk Beyond Words
CD Paul Horn Song for Love Inside the Cathedral
CD Ric Swanson Wes Urban Surrender
CD Tangerine Dream Touchwood True North Mirimar compilation
CD Richard Souther Cross Currents (special edit mix) single
CD Osamu Kitajima The Three Orders Behind the Light: Radio edits
Scapes Hour
CD Paul Speer Moderato Indigo Collection 991: Music + Art
CD William Aura Friends Timepiece
CD Liz Story Another Shore Escape of the Circuis Ponies
CD Ken Stover Sir Dancelot's Dream Cruisers 1.0 Hearts of Space compilation
CD Klaus Schonning Trix Cruisers 1.0 Hearts of Space compilation
CD Don Harris Impromptu Cruisers 1.0 Hearts of Space compilation
CD Klaus Schonning Leda Cruisers 1.0 Hearts of Space compilation
CD Ken Stover Silver Waters, Loving You New Cruisers 1.0 Hearts of Space compilation
CD Gershon Kingsley Illumination, Quiet Descent, Reconciliation, Beyond Destiny Cruisers 1.0 Hearts of Space compilation
CD Michael Stearns On the Way
LP Duran Duran The Chauffeur Arena