WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 2/6/1994

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Light Jazz Hour
CD Patrick Bernhardt Song Of Universal Light IV Atlantis Angelis Opening theme
CD Kenny Goldberg Tropical Winds Tropical Winds
CD Bob Thompson Joyful Noise Love Dance
CD Alex Murzyn Lake Side Shuffle Cross Currents
CD Shadowfax Moonskater Esperanto
CD Robin Frederick Rendezvous How Far, How Fast
CD Steve Haun Dream Quest Victory
CD Tangerine Dream Big City Dwarves Rockoon
CD Jan Hammer Afternoon Adventure Beyond the Mind's Eye
CD Yanni Nice to Meet You single
CD Dancing Fantasy Quiet Beauty Moonlight Reflections
Featured Artist: Marnie Jones
CD Marnie Jones Dance in the Waves Grace
CD Marnie Jones Om Aloha Grace
CD Marnie Jones Whale Heart Grace
CD Marnie Jones Grace Grace
CD Marnie Jones Lament Grace
CD Marnie Jones Frolic Grace
CD Marnie Jones Invocation Grace
CD First Call I Found Love Human Song
CD Latitude There's a Hole in the Ozone 40° N
CD Michael Gettel Winter's Twilight Places in Time
CD Steve Hujala Lullaby (Heads / Hands / Hearts) Pipe Dreams
CD Georgia Kelly Greensleeves Winter Classics
CD Liz Story How Insensitive My Foolish Heart
Scapes Hour
CD Tim Story In the Days of Small Sorrows Beguiled
CD Szakcsi Passing Through Eve of Chance
CD Michael Jones Morning in Medonte
CD Art of Noise Opus for Four / Debut In No Sense? Nonsense!
Tape Mars Lasar Witch Doctor Olympus
Tape Tom Gorman Dangerous Times Kiosk By request
CD Nik Tyndall Wide Lake Lagoon
CD Take 6 Come Unto Me So Much 2 Say
CD Kevin Braheny A Monent with You Secret Rooms
CD David Arkenstone & Kostia Prelude Spirit of Olympia
CD Steve Roach & Robert Rich Blood Music Soma