WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 11/14/1993

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Hour of ???
CD Patrick Bernhardt Song Of Universal Light IV Atlantis Angelis Opening theme
CD Pavarotti & Mike Oldfield Sentinel Pavarotti & Friends
CD Ayman Moroccan Rain Dance Moon Shines Last
CD Al Stewart with Peter White Fields of France Rhymes in Rooms Vocal
CD Steve Haun Carpe Diem Victory
CD Richard Elliot Just Do It Soul Embrace
CD Robin Frederick Calling Dr. Zarkov How Far? How Fast?
CD Mars Lasar Flight of the Phoenix Olympus
CD Shadowfax Tanah Lot Esperanto
CD Jeff Linsky Au Cinema Rendezvous
CD Jean-Philippe Audin & Diego Modena Montego Bay Ocarina
CD Lowen & Novarro All is Quiet Broken Moon
Featured Artist: Conni Ellisor
CD Conni Ellisor Inside Out Night at the Museum Dreamweaving
CD Conni Ellisor Dreamweaving Night at the Museum
CD Conni Ellisor Night at the Museum Night at the Museum
CD Conni Ellisor Winds of Alaya Night at the Museum
CD Conni Ellisor Even the Surest Things Can Change Night at the Museum
CD Conni Ellisor You're Welcome Night at the Museum
CD Latitude Spring Training One
CD Gary Lamb Lavender Skies Love Themes
CD Alex deGrassi The Monkulator The World's Getting Loud
CD Gil Goldstein Farfalla Zebracoast
CD Daisaku Asian Eyes Eastern Shore
CD Featured local artist:
Burton Beerman
Masks Electric Clarinet
Scapes Hour
CD Steve McDonald Pharoh's Dream Springfield
CD Tom Wasinger Uncle Goes to Africa Musical Stones
CD Brian Mann Day by Day by Day Cafe du Soleil
CD David Arkenstone The Great Wall Citizen of Time
CD Robert Rich & Steve Roach La Luna Strata
CD David Arkenstone with Andrew White Nullarbar, Carnation Island
CD Peter Buffet Wichita Yonnondio
CD Rusty Crutcher Crescent Sun Ocean Eclipse