WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 10/10/1993

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Light Jazz Hour
+ LP
Patrick Bernhardt
+ Joakin Bello
Song Of Universal Light IV
+ Sunset
Atlantis Angelis
+ Beyond The Rainbow
Opening theme
LP Wayne Gratz Chest in the Attic Reminiscence
CD Suzanne Vega In Liverpool Pavarotti & Friends
CD Mike Oldfield Sentinel Pavarotti & Friends
LP Exchange Stonewalk Into the Night
LP Jon Mark The Standing Stones of Callanish Standing Stones By request
CD Alex deGrassi Viajes The World's Getting Loud
CD Craig Chaquico Return of the Eagle Higher Octave compilation
CD Psychograss Frogs on Ice Psycograss
CD Cusco Erosion Cusco 2002
CD Lowen & Navarro Open Your Heart Broken Moon
CD Nightnoise Sauvie Island Shadow of Time
Featured Artist: R. Carlos Nakai
CD R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater Stating Intention Migration Nakai performed at Moore Musical Arts Center today
CD R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater Surrender Migration
CD R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater Embracing the Darkness Migration
CD R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater Lighting the Flame Migration
CD R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater South Natives
CD R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater West Natives
CD Marc Anderson Forty Minutes Marc Anderson
CD Daisaku Asian Eyes Eastern Shore
CD Laura Harn
Chip Singler
Joel Caesar
Boka Latai single Featured local artist
CD Steve Roach Clay, Wood, Bone, Dirt Origins
CD Suspended Memories Snake Song Forgotten Gods
Scapes Hour
CD Wind Machine River of Lost Souls Voices in the Wind
CD George Winston Where are You Now Summer By request
CD George Winston Goodbye Montana Summer
LP George Winston Longing / Love Autumn By request
CD Alex deGrassi Charlotte Deep at Night
CD Tim Story Her Cathedral Beguiled
CD Radhika Miller Reverence Here and Faraway
CD Radhika Miller I Gave my Love a Cherry Here and Faraway
CD John Tesh Concetta The Games By request
CD Angelo Badalamente Theme from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Twin Peaks soundtrack
CD Rusty Crutcher Shadow Bent Ocean Eclipse
CD Tangerine Dream Penguin Reference Rockoon
CD Bob Thompson Poem for Her Love Dance