WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 10/3/1993

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Light Jazz Hour
CD Patrick Bernhardt Song Of Universal Light IV Atlantis Angelis Opening theme
CD Laurie Spiegel Riding the Storm Unseen Worlds
CD Conni Ellisor Winds of Alaya Night at the Museum
CD Carol Nethan Tacotta A View from the Bridge
CD Suzanne Dean Dr. Ostinato Drive Time Nova records sampler
CD Paul Greaver Joy Joy Global Pacific Sampler: "MftNW"
CD George Winston Goodbye Montana (Pts I & II) Summer
CD Boney James Lily Trust
CD David Arkenstone Fire Dance In the Wake of the Wind
CD Rusty Crutcher & Jim Oliver Footprints Love Dance
CD Latitude She Slowly 40 Degrees North
Featured Artist: Michael Jones
CD Michael Jones Mexican Memories "Michael's Music" compilation
CD Michael Jones Wildflowers "Michael's Music" compilation
CD Michael Jones Pianoscapes "Michael's Music" compilation
CD Michael Jones Sunshine Canyon "Michael's Music" compilation
CD Windsor Riley The Great Northwest The Move of Life
CD Yanni Nice to Meet You Nice to Meet You single
CD Alex deGrassi Deep at Night Deep at Night
CD Alex deGrassi Charlotte Deep at Night
CD Erik Berlund Waters of Remembrance Harp of the Healing Waters
LP Al Jarreau Blue in Green Heaven and Earth
LP Al Jarreau Blue Angel Heaven and Earth
Scapes Hour
LP Pat Metheny Legend of the Fountain Water Colors
CD Mannheim Steamroller Seven Metals of Alchemy Fresh Aire 7
CD Tri Atma Yummy Moon Essential Tri Atma
CD Coyote Oldman Medicine Flute Thunder Chord
CD Robert Rich A Passage in Bronze Rainforest
CD Rusty Crutcher (first two movements and segues) Machu Picchu Impressions
CD Tim Story These Few Words Beguiled
CD Bob Thompson Oasis Love Dance
CD Shadowfax Angels Flight Shadowfax
CD Merl Saunders Dance of the Fireflies Blues from the Rainforest
CD William Aura World Keeps Turning World Keeps Turning
CD Cusco Chorus Water Stories