WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 9/12/1993

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
+ LP
Patrick Bernhardt
+ Joakin Bello
Song Of Universal Light IV
+ Sunset
Atlantis Angelis
+ Beyond The Rainbow
Opening theme
CD Andreas Vollenweider Dancing with the Lion Dancing with the Lion
CD Don Grusin Dakar Daughter No Borders
LP Manhattan Transfer feat. Bobby McFerrin Another Nite in Tunisia Spontaneous Inventions
CD Gil Goldstein Farfalla Zebra Coast
CD Steve Haun Bolder Boulder Theme Victory
LP Edgar Meyer Timeless Love of a Lifetime
LP Edgar Meyer Webbed Feet Dreams of Flight
CD Merl Sunders Sunrise over Haleakala Blues from the Rainforest
CD Richy Kicklighter Boca Grande Kings Highway
CD Beverly Craven Holding On compilation
Second hour featured artist: Steve Roach
LP Steve Roach Merge Empetus
LP Steve Roach Mysteries Continue Traveler
LP Steve Roach In the Heat of Venus Western Spaces
CD Steve Roach & Robert Rich Touch Soma
CD Steve Roach & Robert Rich Seduction of the Minotaur Soma
CD Tangerine Dream Melrose Melrose
CD John Tesh Concetta Monterey Nights
LP Ferrante & Teicher Midnight Cowboy Best of
CD Dianne Shuur Next to You, I'm even Better Garfield soundtrack
CD Paul Speer Allegro Con Brio Collection 991: Music & Art
CD Yanni Nice to Meet You single
LP Liz Story The Elephant Trainer Part of Fortune
CD Alex deGrassi Deep at Night Deep at Night
CD Mannheim Steamroller 7 Chakras Fresh Aire 7
CD Michael Hedges Ritual Dance Windham Hill Compilation
CD Michael Hedges If I needed Someone Windham Hill Compilation
Richard Souther City Lights - Western Sky 12 Tribes
CD Conni Ellisor Night at the Museum Night at the Museum
CD Steve Haun Distant Dream Midnight Echoes
CD Ralf Illemnberger Horizons I Circle
CD Robert Rich The Raining Room Rainforest
LP Jim Croce Time in a Bottle