WBGU-fm 88.1 New Horizons

Radio play list, 11/24/1991

Medium Artist Song Album Notes
Hour of nature and space
+ LP
Patrick Bernhardt
+ Joakin Bello
Song Of Universal Light IV
+ Sunset
Atlantis Angelis
+ Beyond The Rainbow
Opening theme
CD Paul Horn 17: Flute Inside The Taj Mahal
Tape Paul Scherer Crystal Twilight Nitemusik
CD Mychael Danna Phoenix Anastasis Sirens
CD Robert Rich Raining Room ("coin song") Rainforest
CD Rich & Roach Magma Strata
Tape B. Ryan B. Phoenix Terpsichore
CD Tangerine Dream 3 Bikes In The Sky Melrose
CD Lanz & Speer Carlsbad Desert Vision
Tape Keith Forsey Reggae Instrumental Breakfast Club soundtrack
CD Michael Colina Joy Dancing Shadow Of Urbano
CD Richard Buxton Celestial Simplicity Exotic Simplicity
Hour of Instruments
LP Jean-Michel Jarre Ron's Piece Rendez-Vous Note about Space Shuttle
Tape Eddie Daniels Quiet Space Nepenthe
CD John Tesh Roubaix Tour De France: The Early Years
CD Bruce Stark Glimpse Of Peace Song Of Hope
Tape Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing Solitude Standing
Dave Grusin Welcome To The Road Fabulous Baker Boys soundtrack Requested by Ellen
LP George Winston Thanksgiving December
CD George Winston Early Morning Range Summer
Tape Tom Gorman Red Dress Dubs
CD Kristen Vigard Slave To My Emotions Kristen Vigard
Tape Pat Metheny Group In Her Family Still Life Talking
LP Yanni Forgotten Yesterdays Keys To Imagination
Hour Way Out
CD John Greenland Visitors Soft Robot
CD Sonfonia Of London Orchestra Photos/Beautiful Dreamer Batman soundtrack
LP Tangerine Dream Crystal Voice Firestarter soundtrack
Tape Tony Pulizzi (guitar)
Rijon Erickson (bass)
Josh Paxton (keys)
Chris Vollstadt (sax)
Franklin Westbrooks (trumpet)
Sean Shacklett (drums)
Princess Voices Live from Bryan Recital Hall
LP Philip Glass Anthem Powaqqatsi
LP David Arkenstone Palace Island
CD David Arkenstone Explorers Citizen Of Time
Tape Art Of Noise feat. Matt Frewer Paranoimia Best Of A.O.N. In honor of Frewer's appearance on Star Trek
CD Candy Dulfer Lily Was Here Saxuality
Tape Enigma Callas Went Away MCMXC
CD B.B.King Monday Morning Blues Garfield soundtrack Closing theme