CD: Understanding

B. Ryan B.'s 2019 album: Understanding

B. Ryan B.’s 2019 album “Understanding”
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B’s second solo CD, heard on 170+ radio stations, promotes a suite of quaint ideas to tone down rhetoric in a variety of situations — from bickering over craft beers, to rolling with the changes at the office, to walking away from bad mortgages and relationships, to the limited efficacy of political protests.

“The title track of this album is actually connected to the main scene of my Cleveland music video. Both were my responses to the dysfunctional partisan reactions to crises in the U.S., and a specific crisis in our very own city. We haven’t — I haven’t,” he emphasizes, “done enough to bring peaceful solutions. These songs are my contribution to the conversation.”

The project was almost cancelled when B’s recording engineer, Paul Hamann, passed away. B credits Cleveland blues singer Becky Boyd, also recording at Hamann’s Suma studio at the time, for saving B’s project. She connected him with Jim Wall of Parma Heights’ Blue Buddha Studios. Wall not only stepped heroically into Hamann’s legendary shoes to engineer the album, but also played drums throughout it, bringing the bluesy three middle tracks to life.

An expansion from B’s simpler first album, the musical feel in “Understanding” best fits the general Americana genre, with songs flowing from Folk to Gypsy Jazz to Blues Rock, and back again, bolstered by contributions from seasoned northern Ohio talents Bill Lestock (violin) and Tom Gorman (guitar), as well as up-and-comer Jarred Goldweber (harmonica).


  1. Serenity
  2. Birdwatcher
  3. Secret Life
  4. Beer Song
  5. Office Shuffle
  6. Time to Blow
  7. Understanding


This album is dedicated to Paul Hamann: thanks for the boost, sleep well.
Special thanks to: Gerry Parisi, Becky Boyd, Lynne Hoffman-Engel, Wallace Coleman & Jody Getz, Mari Black, Steve Friedman, Kerry Patrick Clark, the music community, my family, Patti B, and the Spirit in the sky.