CD: Music of the Market

Kamms Corners 2011 compilation: Music of the Market

Kamm’s Corners’ 2011 compilation “Music of the Market”

Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market on Cleveland’s west side has been bringing local produce, including local music and other art, direct to neighborhood consumers. Many of the performers donated tracks to this compilation.

Tracks and artists:

  1. What the Market Does [pf: Alex Bevan]
  2. Murder of a Blues Singer [Austin “Walkin’ Cane”]
  3. Only as Fine [Brand New Hat]
  4. Halloween [Cats on Holiday]
  5. Dance with Me Paddy [The FlipSide]
  6. Surrender [Bad Habit / Chuck Yarborough]
  7. Colorado [Jeff Sherman]
  8. Gypsy Lady [Jim Schafer]
  9. Picked Up My Heart Today [Jeff Varga]
  10. Helplessly Hoping [Last American Folk Band]
  11. Is You Is or Is You Ain’t [Laura Varcho]
  12. Jackson [Mighty Tigues]
  13. Caledonia [Mossy Moran]
  14. Mr. Sandman [Pete Cavano]
  15. Sacred Chickens [Smokin’ Fez Monkeys]
  16. Spread the Word [The Sunrise]
  17. Southbound Train [Wallace Coleman]


  • Joe Outlaw: producer, layout / design
  • Jim Schafer: mastering
  • A to Z Audio: replication