CD: Blue-Collar Breakdown

The FlipSide's 2014 album: Blue-Collar Breakdown

The FlipSide’s 2014 album “Blue Collar Breakdown”

The FlipSide’s second CD is a festival of the Cleveland music community. Not only did every band member write at least one of the songs on the album, we also brought in our contemporaries as guest musicians for most tracks.


  1. Blue-Collar Breakdown [wr. Hyland]
  2. Song for Michael Brennan [Mizenko]
  3. Help is on the Way [Ronan]
  4. Keep the Spirit Alive [Gibbons]
  5. Lemme Out of This Car [B. Ryan B.]
  6. Watch, Wait, and Pray [Hyland]
  7. I Can’t Wait [Gibbons]
  8. Mondays at the Phoenix [Ronan]
  9. Make Me a World [Mizenko]
  10. This Sucks [Gibbons]
  11. Right Train [Mizenko]
  12. Tightrope [Hyland]
  13. House of the Rising Sun / Amazing Grace [trad.]
  14. Wonderful Days [Ronan]

Band personnel:

  • Beth “Flip” Hyland: lead / backup vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Mark Ronan: lead / backup vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Bob “Gib” Gibbons: lead / backup vocals, rhythm guitar
  • B. Ryan B.: lead / backup vocals, bass / acoustic guitars, clarinet, Irish whistle, keyboards, hand percussion
  • Jack Mizenko: lead / backup vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin, harmonica, hand percussion

Guest musicians:

Support personnel:

“Watch, Wait, and Pray for our military veterans: &