Mon 3/18/2019
With The FlipSide
@Root Cafe
Lakewood, OH

Fri 5/24/2019
With The FlipSide
@Eagles' Chase
Akron, OH

Sat 6/15/2019
With The FlipSide
@Clay's / John O's
No. Lawrence, OH

Wknd 10/24-27/2019
Folk Alliance (FARM)
Grand Rapids, MI


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Take B. Home

OK, actually B's already "taken," but you can procure CDs, MP3s, and other B. Ryan B. stuff, for a fair price, all while supporting grass-roots music. And unlike crowd-funding, you don't have to wait months to get the goods!

CDs/MP3s -- Other Merch/Swag

CDs & MP3s

Cover Title & Links Songs
Transient (2014)
B. Ryan B's first solo album. Folk. $10 +shipping
Official release date: 9/27/2014
Hear samples from any track
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Or catch me before or after any show to avoid the middleman
  1. I Have One
  2. Your Rock
  3. Crushed
  4. I Got Mine
  5. Cleveland is Your Land
  6. First [co-written with Sunny B.]
  7. My Pony Boy [trad.]
  8. Stupid Dog
  9. Who's the Hero
  10. Claire
  11. The Plan
  12. Out on the Water (preface)
  13. Out on the Water [wr. Rob Cosma & Rosie Galeti]
  14. That Was Great
  15. My Pony Boy ("Sepia" Mix)
Blue Collar Breakdown (2014)
The FlipSide's second CD. Eclectic Folk. $10 +shipping
Hear samples from the album
  1. Blue-Collar Breakdown [wr. Hyland]
  2. Song for Michael Brennan [Mizenko]
  3. Help is on the Way [Ronan]
  4. Keep the Spirit Alive [Gibbons]
  5. Lemme Out of This Car [B. Ryan B.]
  6. Watch, Wait, and Pray [Hyland]
  7. I Can't Wait [Gibbons]
  8. Mondays at the Phoenix [Ronan]
  9. Make Me a World [Mizenko]
  10. This Sucks [Gibbons]
  11. Right Train [Mizenko]
  12. Tightrope [Hyland]
  13. House of the Rising Sun / Amazing Grace [trad.]
  14. Wonderful Days [Ronan]
Music of the Market (2011)
Fundraiser for Kamm's Corners Farmer's Market. Eclectic compilation. $10 +shipping
  1. What the Market Does [pf: Alex Bevan]
  2. Murder of a Blues Singer [Austin "Walkin' Cane"]
  3. Only as Fine [Brand New Hat]
  4. Halloween [Cats on Holiday]
  5. Dance with Me Paddy [The FlipSide]
  6. Surrender [Bad Habit / Chuck Yarborough]
  7. Colorado [Jeff Sherman]
  8. Gypsy Lady [Jim Schafer]
  9. Picked Up My Heart Today [Jeff Varga]
  10. Helplessly Hoping [Last American Folk Band]
  11. Is You Is or Is You Ain't [Laura Varcho]
  12. Jackson [Mighty Tigues]
  13. Caledonia [Mossy Moran]
  14. Mr. Sandman [Pete Cavano]
  15. Sacred Chickens [Smokin' Fez Monkeys]
  16. Spread the Word [The Sunrise]
  17. Southbound Train [Wallace Coleman]
Family Christmas (2009)
Limited edition. Holiday. Out of print.
  1. Merry Christmas Darling [wr: Carpenter & Pooler]
  2. Silent Night [trad.]
  3. Jolly Old St. Nicholas [trad]
  4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Martin & Blane]
  5. Hark the Herald Angels Sing [trad.]
  6. We Three Kings [trad.]
  7. Basque Hymn (The Angel Gabriel) [trad.]
  8. Chipmunk Song [Seville]
  9. My Two Front Teeth [Gardener]
  10. What Day Dawns [Gorman]
  11. Feliz Navidad [Feliciano]
Listen to the Heartbeat (2009)
The FlipSide's debut CD. Eclectic Folk. $10 +shipping
  1. Dance with Me Paddy [wr: Hyland]
  2. Listen to the Heartbeat [Gibbons]
  3. Losing My Way [Ronan]
  4. Hanging by a Thread [Ronan]
  5. Hometown Girl [Hyland]
  6. Middle of the Night [Hyland]
  7. My Good Friend [Gibbons]
  8. Long Way from Home [Ronan]
  9. See It to the End [Ronan]
  10. Stones Song (I Don't Need Your Lovin') [Hyland]
  11. Fly, Fly, Fly [Gibbons]
  12. Travel Lightly [Mizenko]

Other Merch/Swag

Bleach-art T-shirt with B logo
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Or purchase at a show to avoid shipping charges
Limited edition poster of The FlipSide
Autographed. Numbered out of 20. 11" x 17"
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