Sun 8/5/2018
@The Fest
Wickliffe, OH

Sat 8/11/2018
With Acoustic Joyride
@Yasgur Road Reunion
Bethel, NY

Fri 8/31/2018
With Acoustic Joyride
@Dogg House
Avon Lake, OH

Sun 11/18/2018
With Acoustic Joyride
@Smedley's B&G
Cleveland (West Park), OH


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About B. Ryan B.

"B" is a stage musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Y'know, that guy who sang "Cleveland is Your Land."

B. Ryan Blog

Loving your art

Mon 5/21/2018

I get it. You don't like your yearbook and driver's license photos. You don't like making a voice-mail announcement because you don't like how your voice sounds.

The best musicians I know feel the same way. In fact, the better your ear, the higher the standards you set for yourself. Some of us can't stand to listen to our recordings. That's one reason it takes so long to release a CD.

It sure helps to have a good recording engineer like mine: Jim Wall at his Blue Buddha Studio in Parma Heights. (Special shout out to my friend, Cleveland Blues legend Becky Boyd for the referral!) The last few months, my yet-to-be-released songs have gotten a lot of polish from Jim's digital dials. It's exciting!

While I'm doling out credit, and dropping names... Turning over my guitar accompaniment to Tom Gorman was one of the smartest things I've done. Thanks also to Lynne Hoffman-Engel at Baldwin Wallace University for some much-needed vocal coaching.

Following Kat McDowell

Tue 5/15/2018

While taking a little break from recording my own stuff, I gave a listen to recent release by Kat McDowell, who I had the pleasure of sitting in with a couple years ago.

"A Little Rain," (music video here) like much of her other music, is earworm quality, joyous, and uplifting. Props for the video artistry too. If you could use a little joy, watch this, and get her CD.

Remembering New Horizons

Sat 3/17/2018

No musician ever forgets their first time being played on the radio. That's pretty special.

My first time was in the 1990's, on BGSU's student-hosted radio station, WBGU-fm 88.1, one Sunday night.

The program, called New Horizons, was primarily a New Age show, but stretched that definition to include electronic and acoustic music, occasionally featuring (or even debuting) local recording artists such as Tom Gorman, Odd Girl Out, Tony Pulizzi, and me.

Some of the show's playlists have survived, and are now published on this tribute site.

One more moondance

Mon 3/12/2018

I was caught red-handed. With apologies to Will Cheshier, Antoinette caught me moondancing here with Acoustic Joyride last night.

The FlipSide reunites

Mon 2/5/2018

Due to some life events, the full FlipSide band hasn't reunited since mid-September. Mark and Jack invite the gang to shake off the winter chill and warm up our chops tonight. B will be there for some of Root Cafe's Mayan Mocha.

Best crowd in a while

Thu 12/28/2017

Wow! It blows my mind that so many people came out to see me at such an informal gig last night.

Big thanks to Bob, Cyndi & Tom, Deb & Joe + Claire, Heidi & Carly, Dan, Ray & Nancy for spending some of your Christmas break with me.

Another FARM in the books

Mon 10/23/2017

The annual Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) conference was another weekend-plus of workshops, showcases, and breaking bread together. (More pics and memories about it on my Facebook page.) It's always intensely inspiring and humbling, even after 10 years of this.

The inspiring part is learning new tricks and tips, about both the music itself and the business of it all, seeing it done before my eyes, and eager to get back home and try them out. The humbling part is seeing insanely talented people and simply feeling unworthy. (I've heard my fellow humble musicians scoff, "I'm just gonna go home and burn my guitar right now.")

Lucky for me, FARM is also a bona fide community of professionals in the folk arts. We're in this together, and we're present for each other. Besides a modest performance in the FolkNet room, my contribution consisted of some work on FARM's web site, and bringing my "radio voice" to emcee one of the two showcases.

Shout out to my traveling companions Heidi Sherer & FolkNet's Charlie Mosbrook, to Heather Styka who's coming to Cleveland for a show on November 11th, and to fellow Ohioan Bob Hofbauer for finishing his five-year term as chapter president with distinction. To old friends like Sandy Andina, Andy Cohen, Sue Fink, and the legendary Chuck Mitchell; and new friends like Mari Black, and Doug Wood; and so many more.

Oh, hey, if you're interested in tagging along next year, it'll be closer to Cleveland than it's been in over 10 years: Grand Rapids, Michigan. Catch you there?

Bittersweet farewell to Paul Hamann

Sun 9/17/2017

My hat is off, my head hung in sorrow. I suspect, somewhere, this legendary Cleveland sound engineer is enjoying the most glorious choir of angels, in a timeless place where recording is no longer necessary. Perfect music is his reward for perfecting so many others'.

If you don't know of Paul, really, you should. His Suma Recording Studio, founded by his father, birthed records for such talent as Wild Cherry ("Play That Funky Music"), Grand Funk Railroad ("We're an American Band," "Loco-Motion"), Black Keys, Lemon Pipers ("Green Tambourine"), Human Beinz ("Nobody but Me (Nono no no)"), Outsiders ("Time Won't Let Me"), Dave Brubeck, Mel Torme, Frankie Yankovic, James Gang, Michael Stanley, PDQ Bach, Alex Bevan, and Pere Ubu. pays tribute here. I'm glad to have paid tribute while he was still with us.

Yes, this does mean a delay for my second CD, but more than that, I'll miss his mentoring. Thanks for everything, Paul!

More voice lessons

Mon 8/28/2017

I started my latest semester of vocal lessons today. Hey, even musicians take lessons.

'Cos everybody wants to be a "cat." Even Sam here.

Woodstock: wow!

Thu 8/17/2017

Performing with Acoustic Joyride at the 2017 Yasgur Road Reunion (a.k.a., "Woodstock 48") was a fantastic experience.

I posted some photos from the trip here in Facebook. Thanks to Warren for posting a video clip of our experience here, featuring a sit-in by Norman Tischler from our sister band InCahootz.

Summer Jam photos

Sun 7/16/2017

I mentioned below that Acoustic Joyride has invited me along to YRR (whispered: "Woodstock"). Gearing up for that, I've also sat in on a few of their local gigs, including a private party near Cleveland.

Really good times, partly captured in photos here on Facebook.

What Yasgur Road Reunion is and means

Mon 6/5/2017

Yasgur Road Reunion celebrates Woodstock every year on the late Max Yasgur's original homestead. I'll be performing there with Acoustic Joyride this August.

Just discovered this vid of festival hostess Jeryl Abramson reading Max's own letter to the local newspaper's editor after the event. And wow, his first-hand account is as historical as it is relevant today. (The letter-reading segment is 10 minutes.)

B. Ryan Bio

When B's not taking his own music on the road, he plays bass guitar and other instruments for a couple other Northern Ohio bands including classic folk rock group The FlipSide, acoustic funk trio the Will Cheshier Tiny Orchestra, and prolific folk singer-songwriter Tom Gorman.

In the past, he's sat in on bass with top local talent including Anne E. DeChant, Wallace Coleman, Diana Chittester, Brian Henke, Crazy Marvin, Blame Willie, Desmond and Molly, and the late Rob Cosma; and backed up international performing artist Kat McDowell.

B can also be found behind-the-scenes, engineering sound and providing other musician support. He has emceed Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) since 2010.