Fri 5/24/2019
With The FlipSide
@Eagles' Chase
Akron, OH

Fri 5/29/2019
With The FlipSide
@Private party

Sat 6/15/2019
With The FlipSide
@Clay's / John O's
No. Lawrence, OH

Wknd 10/24-27/2019
Folk Alliance (FARM)
Grand Rapids, MI


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About B. Ryan B.

"B" is an Americana stage musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Y'know, that guy who sang "Cleveland is Your Land." Songs he's written fit in roots-folk, blues rock, and exotic pop.

B. Ryan Blog

CD credits

Sat 5/18/2019

Credits for my new CD, which goes on sale next Friday: Jim Wall (engineering, drums), Tom Gorman (guitar), Jarred Goldweber (harmonica), Bill Lestock (violin), Honey & Iron (photography).

This album is dedicated to Paul Hamann: thanks for the boost, sleep well.

Special thanks to: Gerry Parisi, Becky Boyd, Lynne Hoffman-Engel, Wallace Coleman & Jody Getz, Mari Black, Steve Friedman, Kerry Patrick Clark, the music community, my family, Patti B, and the Spirit in the sky.

Taking pre-orders

Sat 5/11/2019

Coming to a radio station near you... and various other outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) in 2 weeks: just in time for the unofficial start of summer!

Pre-ordered yet? Click here, and I'll get you squared away.

They're heeere!

Sat 5/4/2019

The first batch has arrived, and is on is way to a bunch of radio stations around the continent!

You can have yours in-hand on the release date, just 3 weeks away. Preorder here.

Last Weekly Sample

Sat 4/27/2019

This is the last audio sample from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

It's not the fanciest song on the CD, but so important that I named the album after it. Do protests still work? How do you know when it's time to stop? Ever joined a protest? Tell me about it or protest this song on my Facebook page.

Weekly Sample #6

Sat 4/20/2019

Here's weekly sample #6 from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

Has anyone ever called you a quitter -- when you knew in your heart it was a legit time to cut and run? Then you'll know what this song is about. Vent to me here or leave a comment on my Facebook page.

Weekly Sample #5

Sat 4/13/2019

Here's weekly sample #5 from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

This one's for all you cubicle jockeys, fans of TV series The Office, and general corporate types. I know exactly how you feel! Wanna hear more? Feel free to drop me a line or comment at me on Facebook.

Weekly Sample #4

Sat 4/6/2019

Click here for weekly sample #4 from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

It's a snarky country blues about Clevelanders' favorite beverage. Are you a craft brew type, or an any-old-lite type? Sound off by e-mail or on Facebook.

Weekly Sample #3

Sat 3/30/2019

Click here for weekly sample #3 from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

A little Gypsy Jazz this time, with a bass solo. Love it? Hate it? Let me know by e-mail or Facebook.

Weekly Sample #2

Sat 3/23/2019

Click here for weekly sample #2 from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

Pretty different style from the first track, huh? Like one style better than the other? Let me know by e-mail or Facebook.

Weekly Sample #1

Sat 3/16/2019

Click here for weekly sample #1 from my album, "Understanding," coming May 2019.

Check back every Saturday for a new sample.

May "B" so

Wed 2/20/2019

Could this Spring be when my 6th CD finally gets released nation-wide?

After talking with my people, it looks like it "May" be available by the Memorial Day weekend!

Jazz funeral

Sun 2/17/2019

Man, I don't know if there was a single dry eye in the place, when the band did their thing in the Dixieland style to salute Norman Tischler. For the record, THIS is how I'd like to go: surrounded by love and music.

I'm so honored to have been a part of this night. I bow to Lyn, InCahootz, dozens of other musical acts, and hundreds (or thousands?) who came out for hugs big enough to melt the snow.

Happy Valentine's Day

Tue 2/14/2019

Best Valentine gag I've seen all day: this is clipped from a meme that's been going around. My fellow music slaves will understand.

"Are you a practice room? Because I want you, and I hope you're not taken. Also, you're unbelievably hot, and make me feel self-conscious."


Tue 1/29/2019

Cold nights are good times to learn a friend's awesome song. Tonight: Randall Williams' song of peace for America, called "Lebanon."

Goodbye, Norman

Mon 1/21/2019

Bittersweet so-long to Norman Tischler, a cool cat who knew how to blow some smooth warm winds. Glad to have shared a mic with him.

On Facebook (here), I posted a look back at his "Love Sneakin' up on You" solo at Yasgur's Farm with InCahootz for Woodstock 48.

Lists of things

Wed 1/16/2019

(From a meme that's going around:)

Things we didn't do: Start the fire. Shoot the deputy.

Things we did: Tried to fight it. Shot the sheriff. Built this city on Rock & Roll.

Things we will do: Survive. Rock you.

Things we won't do: Get fooled again. Back down. That.

Best Christmas gift

Wed 12/26/2018

Best music-related Christmas gift all year: Two awesome posters, made by a fan. Each feature lyrics from a song on my upcoming album.

Pictures of those posters on my Facebook feed here. (Hey, haven't you liked & followed my page yet?)

B. Ryan Bio

When B's not taking his own music on the road, he's played bass guitar and other instruments for Northern Ohio-based bands including classic folk rock group The FlipSide, acoustic funk trio the Will Cheshier Tiny Orchestra, prolific folk singer-songwriter Tom Gorman, 80's bar band Blame Willie, and 70's cover band Acoustic Joyride.

In the past, he's sat in with such acts as Anne E. DeChant, Wallace Coleman, Diana Chittester, Brian Henke, Crazy Marvin, Desmond and Molly, the late Rob Cosma, and Kat McDowell.

B can also be found behind-the-scenes, engineering sound and providing other musician support. He has emceed Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) a few times since 2010.