Wknd 10/25-28/2018
Folk Alliance (FARM)
Grand Rapids, MI

Sun 11/18/2018
With Acoustic Joyride
@Smedley's B&G
Cleveland (West Park), OH


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About B. Ryan B.

"B" is a stage musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Y'know, that guy who sang "Cleveland is Your Land."

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Woodstock 49 playlist, The Fest Alleluia & Offertory.
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B. Ryan Blog

Three songs down

Sun 8/26/2018

Just got out of the recording studio, very excited for the year's progress. For my upcoming project, three of my original songs are done! Recorded, mixed, tweaked, and ready to walk out into the world to inspire peace and joy for others.

The titles are "Serenity," "Understanding," and a super-secret one. Also, "Time to Blow" and "Bird Watcher" could be done, except that I'd like to invite some very special guest musicians to contribute their art. More info to come.

Woodstock 49

Sun 8/12/2018

This must be what it's like for my fellow musicians who travel. Yesterday, I drove from home in Ohio to the Woodstock reunion in New York, on the hallowed farm where it all began. Unloaded, played the gig, and started back home that night. Made it back to Cleveland in time for a wedding reception.

That's not what the event, officially called Yasgur Road Reunion, is really all about though. It's a bona fide love-in, a weekend of music, camping, drum circles, and community. My bandmates stayed longer; I wish I could have.

By the way, I would be remiss not to congratulate my Acoustic Joyride bandmates on a job well done. Beautiful music (videos coming), and a lot of patience as a technical glitch shortened our set. Namaste!

Update: the videos are posted. My favorite might be Moondance, but they're all in this YouTube playlist. Our pal Kathleen Cassidy also posted videos here on her Facebook page. All those videos' sound quality doesn't do justice to how fans told us it sounded, and again, the community of overwhelmingly loving people is impossible to represent on film.

The Fest recap

Mon 8/6/2018

OMG, how beautiful! This event deserves so many superlatives. Every year, they pull out all the stops. The choir: over 150 voices, a dozen cantors, another dozen co-celebrants with Bishop Perez, lectors and other liturgical ministers, the huge rock stage, the lights (ha, "Be the...?" "Light!"), video screens, pageantry, ... (gasp)! Stay tuned for videos.

And hey, if you didn't attend this year, then please mark your calendar for next year's Fest on 8/4/2019. Whether I'm there or not, it will again be huge.

Update: Videos are available of me singing the Alleluia (including a verse in the Chamorro language) and the Offertory, where I was actually "speaking in tongues" including phrases in Polish, German, Malay, and Tagalog. The Fest themselves posted a 60-second recap video here. Cleveland's NBC affiliate WKYC Channel 3 posted photos here. Also, if you're on Facebook, my exclusive photos are here. (While you're there, like and follow my page here for more frequent updates.) The diocese posted dozens more photos here.

Cantoring at The Fest

Sat 7/21/2018

I'm honored to again be invited to cantor (lead song) at The Fest mass, in front of the Lord and about 25,000 Christians. No idea which part I'll be singing yet; stay tuned.

I'll tell you a secret. I still get a little stage fright under certain circumstances. I've played in front of large groups before, like Cain Park. Meh, no stage fright. The crowd's relaxed, I'm relaxed. But at church, The Guy Upstairs is watching. It's like singing in front of the biggest producer ever.

Well, anxiety aside, The Fest is always an incredibly moving experience -- the way I kinda wish every worship service could be. So many people volunteer and cooperate to make it huge. And by the way, no one checks your "Christian" membership; the full-day festival, including the music is free to all!

Short solo stint

Thu 6/28/2018

Well, that was fun! Today's was the second show this month where I played a full set of songs, solo, on a night that one of my bands headlined. I could play more often as a soloist, but it's more fun when there are other good singers to harmonize with.

I gotta tell you, today was a scorcher! That corner concrete patio seemed to amplify the summer sun. Luckily, the sun cooled down, and the crowd heated up as we brought out songs for every generation.

Loving your art

Mon 5/21/2018

I get it. You don't like your yearbook and driver's license photos. You don't like making a voice-mail announcement because you don't like how your voice sounds.

The best musicians I know feel the same way. In fact, the better your ear, the higher the standards you set for yourself. Some of us can't stand to listen to our recordings. That's one reason it takes so long to release a CD.

It sure helps to have a good recording engineer like mine: Jim Wall at his Blue Buddha Studio in Parma Heights. (Special shout out to my friend, Cleveland Blues legend Becky Boyd for the referral!) The last few months, my yet-to-be-released songs have gotten a lot of polish from Jim's digital dials. It's exciting!

While I'm doling out credit, and dropping names... Turning over my guitar accompaniment to Tom Gorman was one of the smartest things I've done. Thanks also to Lynne Hoffman-Engel at Baldwin Wallace University for some much-needed vocal coaching.

Following Kat McDowell

Tue 5/15/2018

While taking a little break from recording my own stuff, I gave a listen to recent release by Kat McDowell, who I had the pleasure of sitting in with a couple years ago.

"A Little Rain," (music video here) like much of her other music, is earworm quality, joyous, and uplifting. Props for the video artistry too. If you could use a little joy, watch this, and get her CD.

Remembering New Horizons

Sat 3/17/2018

No musician ever forgets their first time being played on the radio. That's pretty special.

My first time was in the 1990's, on BGSU's student-hosted radio station, WBGU-fm 88.1, one Sunday night.

The program, called New Horizons, was primarily a New Age show, but stretched that definition to include electronic and acoustic music, occasionally featuring (or even debuting) local recording artists such as Tom Gorman, Odd Girl Out, Tony Pulizzi, and me.

Some of the show's playlists have survived, and are now published on this tribute site.

B. Ryan Bio

When B's not taking his own music on the road, he plays bass guitar and other instruments for a couple other Northern Ohio bands including classic folk rock group The FlipSide, acoustic funk trio the Will Cheshier Tiny Orchestra, and prolific folk singer-songwriter Tom Gorman.

In the past, he's sat in on bass with top local talent including Anne E. DeChant, Wallace Coleman, Diana Chittester, Brian Henke, Crazy Marvin, Blame Willie, Desmond and Molly, and the late Rob Cosma; and backed up international performing artist Kat McDowell.

B can also be found behind-the-scenes, engineering sound and providing other musician support. He has emceed Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) since 2010.